Henry Palisamo Nature Park

I rode by this park about a year ago and finally got a chance to check it out during my COVID time off. It’s a quick 20 minute bike ride from my apartment, located in the Bridgeport neighborhood. For non-Chicagoans, think Daley’s and the White Sox.

Also known as Stearns Quarry, it served as a Limestone quarry from 1830 until 1970. But if you really want to dig into history, going back 400 million years, you’ll find that it was once an ancient coral reef. It was made into a 26 acre Nature Park in 2009.

A good place to enjoy some take away beer from the nearby Lo Rez Brewing Company. Not that I would condone that sort of thing in a Chicago Public Park.

On my way to the park. This is at the 18th street bridge in Chinatown overlooking Ping Tom Park and an old lift bridge.
Henry Palisamo Nature Park. Some great views of the city skyline from here. And a fake stone circle!

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