LEJOG Virtual Challenge: Mile Marker 310.7 in a hamlet somewhere

It has been a very sticky, uncomfortably hot week or more in Chicago so not much bike riding or walking long distances was done. But it’s cooled off enough that I was able to log 25 miles over a couple of bike commutes to work.

This get’s me my next postcard!

Every year on the Summer Solstice this place is packed with the aforementioned druids, pagans, and people who just want to stay up drinking all night. Unless you join an early morning private tour, it is the only time you can get up close to the stones. Covid put a halt to that this year and instead of being one with the stones, the druids had to tune in online with the rest of us. When planning my trip, I was having quite the inner debate as to whether to join the masses for Solstice. I decided against it and my trip skipped the stones all together but if you wanted to have the experience, London Toolkit has a nice write up about it as well as a list of tour operators to get you there.

So my little virtual challenge map as me stopped somewhere near Tufton Warren but there doesn’t seem to be much here except a wedding venue with a clock barn. But looks as if Oxford is not to far off..so you can definitely expect a longer blog then! In the meantime, I’d be biking to the nearest pub with a room!

The Clock Barn.  Copyright Peter Facey and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

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