Adventures in Birding: Sandhill and Whooping Cranes

For Banita’s birthday we rented a little renonvated barn in Sawyer, Michigan for the weekend. While there we saw on our friend and avid birder Scott’s facebook page that the very rare Common Crane (despite it’s name it really was way off course, as it is usually found in northern Eurasia) was seen amongst the farm fields in nearby Indiana with the wintering Sandhill Cranes and a few scattered Whooping Cranes. The Whooping Cranes were easy to spot but the Common Crane was like looking for a needle in a hay stack among all the Sandhills. We didn’t get lucky (I’m still working on the patience needed for birding) but still fun to be out amongst the bird crazed.

Common Crane - James Kennerley 🦄
This is the common crane that everyone was there to see. Photo from Ebird.

And some cute photos below from our weekend of the pup, our cozy barn and some of Denali’s new friends.

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