LEJOG Virtual Challenge: Mile Marker 285.7. Salisbury, Near Stonehenge

Received a postcard this time around that shows an idyllic beach scene in Bournemouth.

From the reports coming out of England last weekend, the reality looked a liitle more like this! I’m sorry but that is my worst nightmare even in pre-pandemic days. I know you pasty white English are dying for sun when you can get it, but good lord!

There’s a pandemic happening people! ANDREW MATTHEWS/PA WIRE. From BBC website.


It’s back on the bike for the trip on National Cycle Route 2 and the A338 to the cathedral town on Salisbury. Also a convenient base to visit a nearby stone circle you may have heard about from time to time. I suspect that postcard will be coming next once I move on to my next destination on the map so we will leave that until then.

So the crown jewel of Salisbury is the cathedral which celebrated it’s 800th birthday in 2020. The cathedral is also home to some Perigrine falcons and evey year you can watch the livestream during breeding season.

Staying true to form, it’s off to the oldest pub in town, the well named Haunch of Venison. Dating back to circa 1320 when it housed craftsman who were building the Cathedral’s spire, it is also known for it preserved mummified hand thought to have belonged to “an 18th century demented whist player who lost it in a card game due cheating.” Well, that will teach him!

The Marshwood Farm B&B sounds like it would be a lovely place to spend a night or two while exploring Salisbury and the nearby sites.

Marshwood Farmhouse. Photo © roger geach (cc-by-sa/2.0)

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